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Friday, January 20, 2006

Bilingual Manifesto : 日本の首相は?

From the Top Left
  • Liberal - Prime Minister, Paul Martin: 現在のカナダの首相・毒舌家(大酒のみ風)
  • Conservative - Stephen Harper: (両親の影響による)お金持ちおぼっさま風
  • NDP- Jack Layton: 釣堀のとぼけたおやじ風 (バスの運転手にもこんな人いたぜ)
  • Bloc- Gilles Duceppe: 唯一のフランス人立候補者・スタートレック的青白い異性人キャラ風(これ絶対に化粧してる)
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As many of you may already know, the official language in Canada is English and French. French is mainly spoken at the north-east side of Canada, where you see "Quebec" on the map, and English for the rest of the country. Pretty much everything you see and buy comes with both English and French. i.e. a box of cereal has English on one side, and French on the other. It is quite interesting, like in a store, I could easily loose track of what I was looking at, and be left out with a handful of new words, none of which make any sense; all of a sudden what pops into my sight is a bag of sugar, a full of descriptions in some words that somehow do not register into my head as quickly as they usually do. So I get closer, and go "ah, French." English and French writing is quite confusing in a distance, and especially in such a very quick glace.

Would you be able to imagine seeing how people from abroad could easily get amused by any little triggers that the local people don't even notice? For instance, the local people go to the store and find a box of serials facing its French side. It should be nothing to them. My wife and I, on the other hand, find it quite amusing; we try to fake the French sound of it, and make a good laugh at each others sound, and chuckle the whole way down to the cashier. So having the English-French environment in Canada is still just something we cannot neglect.

The same is applied to the candidates for the Canadian federal election campaign which is currently happening nationwide. There are four candidates for the Prime Minister, and they all speak both English and French. Yes, they are bilingual, some maybe tri or more. I am sure they were urged in order for them to be fully eligible and stay being efficient candidates for the rest of their campaigns. To my surprise, they have debates in English and French, twice in both languages, relatively in the same topics discussed in one session.

Having said that, they heat up each time. They are pretty much about bashing down on each others opinion and inconsistencies. From a very third point of view (since I don't have the right to vote, damn it!), having them justify their positions from imputations and accusations from 3 other directions, it is almost like overlapping the sight where you see your own older sisters pulling each others hair, fighting (or I'd rather say, beating the crap out of each other) right in front of you. And, you intend not to do anything about it at all but staying on the sideline because you are constantly being picked on by them, and can't always fight back because they are a lot bigger and smarter than you. It's one of those things you'd see when you were a little and having two older sisters that were 5 year or more older than you.

It is, at least to me, relatively as shocking that these candidates are bilingual. Do you know how intelligent you ought to be in order to become fully bilingual?? Do you know what it really takes to be bilingual?? I bet you do!! You gotta be! Otherwise you would not even come see my blog, right??

In contrast to that, what do we have?? Junichiro!!? Have you ever seen his profiles? What has he really done today?? His profile in a website particularly chose to used the word "yuugaku" for his education history (he's spent sometime in England); simply put, it is a college dropout!! Common!! These four candidates at least have Masters in law or economics!!

Due to that "Goyuugaku", his English is broken enough to dance under Bush administration!! What in god's name would the Prime Minister of Japan wear a pair blue Ralph Lauren (well known American Clothes company) shirt with Bush, and waves at bunch of cameras with Bush standing right beside him?? Where is our identity now??!! What the crap are we doing?? Does he know what kind of messages we are involuntarily sending to the world??!! It is all their protocol!! WHY?? WHAAAY??

Get back to where I was, Canadian Prime Minister and its candidates are all bilingual. I think it is something I thought was interesting enough to write about.


manifesto:宣言/the official language :公用語/loose track of:見失う/be left out:残される・おいていかれる/none of which make any sense:どれもまったく理解できない/pops into sight:視界に入ってくる/descriptions:説明書き/register:(頭の中に)入ってくる/a very quick glace:ぱっと見/easily get amused:些細なことで喜ぶ/triggers:引き金・発端/facing:向いた/fake:嘘まねする/chuckle:くすくす笑う・ほくそ笑む/neglect:軽視する/The same is applied :同じことが言える・適応される/the candidates :候補者/the Canadian federal election campaign:カナダ総選挙戦/ nationwide:全国的に/the Prime Minister:首相/they were urged:迫られた/fully eligible :選ばれるに十分値した/efficient candidates: 敏腕な候補者/To my surprise:驚いたことに/Having said that:とはいっても/bashing down on each others opinion and inconsistencies:互いの意見や矛盾点のたたきあい/third point of view:第三者的立場から/justify their positions from imputations and accusations:汚名や非難に対する自分の立場の正当化/pulling each others hair:髪の毛を引っ張り合う/beat the crap out of:こてんこてんにのす/intend not to do anything about it at all:まったくそれに対して何もしようとしない/be picked on:いじめられる/relatively as 比較すると同じくらい/ought to be __:__であるべき・はず/gotta be:got to beの略/simply put:単純に言えば/a college dropout:大学中退(卒業しないで辞めた)/Bush administration:ブッシュ政権/What in god's name :一体ぜんたいなにが/well known:よく知られた/What the crap _?:いったい何を_?/involuntarily:知らぬ間に/protocol:政治的計画

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