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Monday, January 16, 2006

Stay on Top of What's Ahead : そのうちあなたも15%

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Canada Minister of Finance
Ralph Goodale promises
on tax reductions.

(Image: Routers)


So, I hear on the latest news which Japan may raise its tax percentage up to nearly 7.5% in the next few years; does it really? See, it would have freaked me out if I were still in Japan and not going through all that I ended up going through here in Ontario Canada.

Set aside "very" young readers here for a second, remember how it was like when the tax had risen from 3% to 5% back in 1990's? Didn't you feel like you were totally ripped off from the government?? I did. So, yeah, yeah, we all know how painful that is. But what's more painful, my wife and I've already experienced this exquisite pain again by coming over to Ontario Canada; since the day we stepped into this mysterious land!

Don't be too surprised, Ontario has two consumption taxes that add up to 15%. 15%!! for all consumptions except groceries!! You want to see what they are, the following is the breakdown--

We were so ignorant; we didn't know anything about these taxes until we've actually come to land in Canada.

These taxes of course are hitting very, very hard on us every time we go shopping. It is, without any question, affecting our decision making on any purchasing. It is more likely for all of us to make judgements based on what's shown on the price tags, but here, WE DON'T!! We have to roughly calculate the total amount "including the 15% tax" before the payment is completed!! Otherwise, we will going to embarrass ourselves by innocently asking the lady behind the cashier, "We were wondering why the total is so much now..."

I am quite sure that the lady behind the cashier will give us a very sharp, grim look, and pretty much yell at us exactly how much the taxes are here in Ontario.

It is (wicked) 15%!!

According to what Wiki (a free online encyclopedia) says, the France government was the first one that invented what is known as "the Consumption Tax" today. I think whoever that came out with such a vicious idea, needs to go straight down to the burning HELL!! (Please excuse my language, I am not always like this)

So the day is coming folks! Stay on top of what's ahead of you. My wife and I are painfully aware of how it's like to go through all that. It is I tell you, definitely coming and creeping its way up to you, a lot closer today.

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