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Friday, January 27, 2006

The World According to USA : アメリカから見た世界

<- Can anyone spot Turkey on the map? I can. Please click if you couldn't.


This is what I got from a good friend of mine in the States a few days ago . I thought it was funny and a bit pathetic, at the same time, illustrated some of the people I met in the states well in a very cynical way.

This reminded me of an incident, which I asked this girl in my psychology class back in the days I was in an American university. I asked her to draw a map of Japan, and then point out where "Beijing (China)" is on that map (yeah, it is a leading question technique to find out especially if she knew Japan and China are two different countries) . The tiny deformed Island it may be, she proudly pointed a corner on the map, and stressed with a pen, saying "IT'S HERE!"

She also spotted other corner and said it was Tokyo. Of course, she spelled Tokyo, "Tokio"...

It is one of those things you encounter when Japan is featured on TV shows, and 9 out of 10, somehow you hear this strange Chinese music right on the back of them. That is how little they know about us and other Asian countries.

If you take a good look at Asia, you may notice the red spot that is on the wrong place. It should not have been on Korea. I am not very sure if this was an intention as to show more ignorance, or they really didn't know where these red spots should have really been.

BUT, if I were to draw Zimbabwe, Africa, the same will happen. So I won't say much no more...

pathetic:哀れ/at the same time:同時に/illustrated:(図や絵などで)表す/cynical :皮肉な/remind :思い出させる/incident:思いがけない出来事/psychology:心理学/leading question:誘導尋問/ point out:指す・示す/deformed:形の崩れた/proudly:胸をはって/stressed:強調した/9 out of 10: 10回に9回は/intention:意図したこと/ignorance:無知なこと/due to the fact :という事実によって/I won't say much no more... :これ以上はいうまい




でも アフリカ大陸内のジンバブエを描いてくれと言われたら自分にもきっと同じことが起こるだろうから、もうこれ以上触れるのはやめておこう。
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