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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life Skills

<- Put me up high!!

It is in the middle of so called "Reading Week", an entire week off from school, I am urged to read a book for one of my classes.

The book I chose is the one on the left, "The First Book Of Life Skills" by Larry James. I picked this book at a secondhand store at $0.25, I could not help, but seeing all these piled old books, I had to buy something from there. (I LOVE books!! I buy them even if I don't read them :O)

A general description of this book if I'd have to give, I guess is to illustrate how life can be well- accomplished by distinguishing its purposes and goals, planning ahead of life, and executing them well in precise order.

It is so far well worth reading, and hey, it was 25 cents.

So here is a quite from Victor Hugo used in the book-

" He who every morning plans the transaction of
the day, and follows out that plan, carries a
thread that will guide him through the labyrinth
of the most busy day. The orderly arrangement of
this time is like a ray of light which darts itself
through all his occupations. But where no plan
is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered
merely to the chance of incidents, all things lie
huddled together in on chaos, which admits of
neither distribution nor review."





----------------------------- Words ---------------------------

so called: いわゆる / an entire week :一週間完全休み/I am urged to_ :_することを迫られている/secondhand store :古本屋・中古屋/piled:積み重ねられた/accomplish:達成/execute:実行する/precise:緻密な/transaction:移り変わり/thread:糸/a ray of light:一筋の光/occupations:(仕事など時間や余裕などを)占領するもの/disposal:処理/incidents:(思いがけない)出来事/huddled:寄り集まる/chaos:無秩序・混沌とした様/distribution:貢献

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ballot Counting : 開票結果





For those of you who voted for me; you guys ROCK!! I am all yours!! Come to Canada. I will give you my kisses and hugs. Awesome people!! Bonus marks for that!!


Have a good one!!
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

ナルニア国物語:SNL Skit (Very Funny)


長いこと続いたカナダ・アメリカの関係についてのPOST以降ちょっと失速気味なので(このブログを友達に紹介する)、この辺でちょっと面白いPOSTを載せてみましょう。上はSNL(Saturday Night Live:アメリカのComedy Show)で放映されたSkitです。iPodダウンロード数が北米全土で一番に輝いた代物でかなり面白いです。



笑えるのは、かなりかっこいいBeastie Boys調の曲に乗っかった、非常に情けない(けど本人達はかなり本気)な内容の歌詞です。

NY在住(という設定)のいい歳したお兄ちゃんChris Parnell とAndy Sambergが日曜の午後に大好きな「ナルニア国物語」(ディズニー映画)を見に行くまでを歌っています。



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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Comments on US v.s. CANADA

Sorry people!! I am in the middle of the test week at school, can't do much right at this moment due to piled assignments!! Here are some of the response I got from the viewers that I thought was intriguing (おもしろい).


Here is "JEFF"-さん

Tucker Carlson is an idiot. I'm saying that as an American.
The thing you have to remember about America is that it's a very regional(地域で分割された)country. It always has been. Don't forget that we had a civil war between the north and south and those divisions (分裂) still exist - it is like two countries with completely differing views, and it's split practically(実質的に) right down the middle (just look at the last two elections, both of which were decided by just one state). It is not like other countries where within each region half the people might feel one way and half another... no, there are several regions of the country and within each region 100% of people feel one way and 0% feel the other. (Ok, that's exaggeration, but you get the idea.)

That said, Canada is a country of something like 25 million people, America is a country of 300 million. So while Tucker Carlson may be an idiot and he put it in a pretty offensive(攻撃的)way, it is true that Canada does not have nearly the economic or political clout (影響力)of the US. It's just a fact. They have a lot of land but not many people; Japan has much more influence (影響) in the world, for example. Many US *states* have more people, bigger economies and even bigger military than Canada has (via their National Guard).


Here is "さぃ・・・"さん

it's funny and a little sad when people proudly proclaim their ignorance(無知であること). unfortunately Canada's becoming ever more Americanized that there must've been Canadians who took that comment way too literally(文字通り). have some sense of humour, peeps..

Here is "Pr0digalS0n" (放蕩息子)さん

Tucker Carlson is an idiot. Sadly, as other people have noted, he represents (代表する) the opinions that many Americans have, especially opinions that are nationalistic (民族主義的), racist (人種差別的), anti-immigrant (反移民的), and pro-business (ビジネス趣向的). Unfortunately, many people who currently run the government right now in the US also share those opinions as well. 2008 seems a long way away... >=P

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Saturday, February 11, 2006


One visit one click . A vertue of Lao Tzu 2000 years back... そうそう老子の教えのですから。

- 前回のPOSTの続きです

ビデオご覧になられましたか?(見てない方はこちらをクリック)なんだか興味深い話が続いていましたねぇ。ためになる単語も沢山出てきていました。単語については後日解説するとして、本日はカナダ側で熱弁していた"The Hour"のホストGeorge Stroumboulopoulos (なげぇ名前!:ストロンボラポラス)の「質問と言い分」をまとめてみます。かなりconstructive (建設的な)言い分で私はなかなか好きです。


-----George Stroumboulopoulos' Questions -----




カナダ国民が抱く怒りにも似た対アメリカ意識(anti-Americanism)に対して、それを全く相手にもしていないアメリカ国民の様子を"Stalker syndrome"と言い放ったTucker。その中で何よりカナダ国民の感情を逆なでた「知恵遅れ」発言に対して












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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

US V.S. CANADA : Never Ending Fistfight

:There is a life you can save by a click. IT'S HERE!!! お願いだよ~!コメントもちょうだい!!


Here is what had to be argued in the Canadian national news show called "The Hour". This show is intended especially for young Canadians (thus the viewers can be at any age), it breaks down and spoon-feeds some news and some complected social deterioration happening today.

One of them is the video you are about to see. This whole argument is triggered by a well known American TV host whose name is Tucker Carlson. He insults the entire Canada and its nation by calling them "a stalker", "a retarded cousin you pat him on his head".

Before checking out the video, the following is some of the words used in it, so you'll know what they are talking about.

Also I will write down what was discussed in the first part of the video where Tucker pounds on his argument points.

So, after the video, you tell me what you think of this. I will discuss my point of view on the following posts.

------------------------Tucker's Point--------------------------
ビデオはの写真をクリックして、サイト内の同じ画像の[Watch Video]をクリックしてください

"Canada is essentially a stoker, stalking the United States. Canada has a little picture of us (the US) in its bedroom, right? Canada spend all of its time thinking about the United States, obsessing over the United States. It's an unrequired love between Canada and the United States. We, meanwhile, don't even know Canada's name. We pay NO attention at all. First off, anybody with any ambition at all intelligence has left Canada, now living in New York. Second, anybody who sides with Canada internationally in the debate between the US and Canada, say Belgium, who's someones opinion we shouldn't care about in the first place. And third, Canada is a sweet country, there is like a retarded cousin you see at Thanksgiving, sort of patting him on his head, you know, he's nice, but you don't take him seriously...."

----------------------------Words from my writing------------------------------

intended especially for :特に若者を意識した/thus:よって/breaks down and spoon-feeds some complected social deterioration happening today: 今日の複雑な社会情勢の悪化などを解析し噛み砕いて教える(赤ん坊にスプーンで食事を与える様子から来ている)/argument:論議・論争/is triggered by:端を発する/insults:侮辱する/a stalker:ストーカー/a retarded cousin you pat him on his head:頭をなでてやるような知能遅れのいとこ/

----------------------------Words from Tucker------------------------------

essentially:本質的に/obsessing:とりつかれてる/unrequired love:必要とされていない愛情/meanwhile:そんなさなか/pay NO attention:まったく敬意を払わない/First off:はじめとして/a retarded cousin :知恵遅れのいとこ/patting on head:頭をポンポンとたたく・なでる

(images here are borrowed from the official "THE HOUR" site. All copy rights are owned by CBC: Copyright © CBC 2006)
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Got Rid of the Boring Face!!

<--Did you know, Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. 賛同・援護クリックをよろしく。



ビデオに出ていたのはApplied Mechanics:応用力学のクラスで、エンジニアリングに関わる機械・機材などの部分や部品などにかかる力とか重さなんてものを、色々な公式を使ってはじき出して、問題に出てきた重さや力でその物が壊れたりしないか計算するクラスです。最近すっかり数学&物理学Fanになった私には大変楽しいクラスとなっています。

毎週2回、合計4時間行われるクラスです。内容はさておき、授業はあんな感じでサバサバ・サクサクと進んで行きます。わからないところは "Could you go over what you just did?" (今のところもう一度やっていただけますか?)なんて聞くと、先生も「ホイホイっ」と言いながら喜んでもう一度やり直してくれます。いつでも問題解決には欠かせないMagic wordsです。





では皆さんHave a good one!!
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pseudo Access : 大学クラス擬似体験(動画)

<-一日一回までだそうです。Like I said, don't be too shy for clicking. It's all good!

---------------日本語は明日に続きます。 この後単語が続きます-------------------

So here I am, 2:40 in the morning, writing tonight's highlight. My brain becomes half asleep by the time the clock goes beyond 1 a.m.; I will try not to write anything too random or confusing, so bear with me for a minute or two.

Tonight's post is going to be one of the best materials for those of you who are willing to or planning on coming to abroad for studying. Or, who are curious enough to take a closer look at what are academic classes like.

Today, I hid my camera in my pencil case (Panasonic D-Snap) and recorded the class, so you'll be able to precisely grasp what you need for your preparation for TOEFL, TOEIC and coming to study in Canada!!

The quality of the video is good enough to hear what's being discussed, but not enough to see what's written on the whiteboard. Also, the angle of the camera appears to be a bit tilted. That is due to the fact that I was hiding my camera in the pencil case.

Why? I wasn't very sure if my recording of the lecture could be incompatible with some copy rights that the college and the professor may hold.

So this is just designed to be distributed to ones that came to my Blog and chose to read and see it.

This is my engineering mechanics class, so it's no worries if, in case, you did not understand what's being discussed in the video.

becomes half asleep:半分寝た状態になる/goes beyond _ :_を超えると/random:支離滅裂/confusing:ややこしいこと/bear with me :忍耐をたまわる/be willing to_:_したいと望む/planning on _ing:_を計画している/curious enough to_:_をするに十分な好奇心がある/appears to be_ : _のように見える /tilted:傾いた/be incompatible with :抵触する/to be distributed :配信される
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